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I Need Some Me Time!!!!

Updated: Mar 20

and now it's me time

Hello, The CKE Files Readers!  Rosalyn Cooper here, Founder and Lead Travel Consultant at Social Butterfly Express. Have you ever just wanted to pack a bag and go on vacation by yourself? If your answer is Yes, then this post is for you.  Some people may get scared or nervous over the idea of traveling alone, but I am a BIG Fan of “Me Time” Trips!  Today I’m going to tell you why I love them, plus I’m giving you the deets on some of my top picks for “me-time” destinations!

Now, if you’re someone who struggles with spending time alone, I encourage you to explore why the idea bothers you.  I have friends who would never even consider going to the movies or to a restaurant by themselves, and they cannot believe I am so quick to pack my bags and jet off to both domestic AND international destinations solo!  Here’s the thing: I work hard, and I value and appreciate myself.  I know that I cannot be the best travel consultant, daughter, sister, friend, etc. that I can be unless I am taking care of myself. Traveling solo gives me the opportunity to relax, reflect, and recharge, all while exploring what our world has to offer, learning more about other people and cultures, and most importantly - learning more about MYSELF!

Traveling solo has never bothered me.  As a matter of fact, I enjoy every second of going on vacation by myself, and I absolutely recommend that you take some time out for yourself to enjoy a “Me Time” Trip as well. I usually take at least two solo trips a year. 

Wondering what you might do on a “Me Time” trip?

  1. Relax with a book on the beach

  2. Treat yourself to a Spa Day

  3. Retail Therapy is a must

  4. Date yourself!  Have a candlelit dinner on the beach, or drink a glass of wine while watching the sunset on the balcony! Think of the things you would likely do with a significant other or friend on a trip, and treat YOURSELF with the same love and care that you would someone important to you.  YOU DESERVE IT!

resort in arizona

Here are some of my top picks, and most requested, destinations for “Me Time” trips:

  1. Miami, Florida 

  2. Sedona, Arizona

  3. A solo cruise to your preferred destination

Let’s look at each of these destinations in greater detail below: 

Miami, FL

Believe it or not Miami, FL is a great place for Solo Travelers who don't want to go far on their first solo trip. In 2015, I took my first solo trip to Miami, FL. I stayed at Hotel in Miami, FL | Miami Marriott Biscayne BaySafety Program which offered breathtaking views of the Miami skyline. Always request for a room on a  high floor if available so you can enjoy the city skyline. If you’ve ever stayed at a Marriott then you already know that the beds are extra comfortable and will have you ready to purchase the whole set to take! This hotel also has a shuttle service that takes you down to Ocean Drive so you can enjoy some retail therapy and the beach without the extra expense of renting a car. Major plus - there is also a Marriott on Ocean Drive that gives you full access to a private area of the beach, pool, and a variety of delicious restaurants. Miami is a wonderful destination for Me Time trips because its fun, diverse, and safe, making it the  perfect getaway for solo travelers. 

Lincoln Road Mall is another great Miami attraction that has everything you need from shopping to eating.  After getting all relaxed and hitting the mall, take yourself on a date! That’s right, it's okay to sit at the bar of a restaurant solo. Don’t be surprised if you strike up a conversation with fellow travelers or locals as well!  My favorite restaurant was the Grille 66 & Bar.  It was surrounded by yachts and the marina which made for an absolutely gorgeous view.  Another interesting characteristic of Grille 66 is they don’t allow cell phones in their dining area.  I can't tell you how amazing it was to see everyone having conversations without looking down at their phones!! Sometimes you just need to unplug and just take in the moment! 

You truly never know who you're going to meet or what conversations you’d strike up with the bartender or other patrons.  One thing I love about visiting Florida is no city is the same and they have plenty of beaches to satisfy everyone, no matter what type of vibe you’re looking for!

Pro Tip: Check one way flight pricing between Miami and Fort Lauderdale for the best flight schedules!

Sedona, Arizona

Not a Beach lover? No problem! Sedona, Arizona will take the beach completely off your radar while still providing a gorgeous atmosphere for your solo trip!. There is just something about being in the mountains of red rocks and the desert terrain that gives you a sense of peacefulness. Sedona offers both luxury and comfort accommodations to fit everyone's needs and budget with lodging accommodations includingm hotels, cabins, and vacation rentals. Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock is at the top of my list of places to stay, especially during a first visit to Sedona. Not only will you get to wake up to breathtaking views but you can also take full advantage of special offers and activities that will help make your trip very memorable.  

Pro Tip: Sign up for all reward programs from Hotels and Airlines to gain free rooms and flights. Marriott and Hilton both have some amazing perks as members. Rack up enough Southwest points for a free flight and only pay for taxes. The best part?  Most of these rewards programs are FREE to join!

Cruise Life 

cruise ship from above

Ready to explore a little more but still within reason and a sense of security? Take your “Me Time” Trip aboard a cruise. In December 2018, I decided it was time to try something different and booked a week-long cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises. Now keep in mind, at the time of this trip I had been on cruises before, but never by myself! This was something completely new for me but as a people person, I was confident that meeting people wouldn’t be a problem. Imagine my surprise when Royal Caribbean made their solo travelers feel right at home by  hosting a solo travelers mix-n-mingle so that everyone could get to know each other! I really appreciated that because it allowed us to form bonds with each other and it was a great way to kick off this trip. If you’ve ever been on a cruise then you know that during the formal dinners, you could be sitting with random people. If you’re traveling solo then you’re eating with other solo passengers! 

Royal also has an app that you can download to keep track of all the activities that are available onboard. I took part in a coloring activity, crown royal tasting, and karaoke. The nightly entertainment and shows will vary depending on when you take your cruise and with which cruise line but don't skip them cause you could miss out on something fun! Depending on your cruise ports, you can also talk with your tablemates to see what excursions they’ve signed up for so that you all can enjoy them together, or just skip the excursions altogether and enjoy the sun on the deck with a book by the pool instead!

Pro Tip: Always make copies of your travel documents and leave them with your significant other, parents, or adult children.

Now usually my “Me Time '' trips are taken in March because it's just easier for me to get away at that time, and pricing is more reasonable which is a wonderful bonus. Schedule your trip in a month that best works for you, and if you’re always busy then block out a long weekend just for yourself.  Your travel consultant can work with you to figure out which destinations are best for your availability, your budget, and the activities or vibe you’re looking for on your solo trip.

No matter what your reason might be to plan your “Me Time” trip, just do it!  Start with a stay-cation if you have to, just get comfortable with enjoying your own company. After your first “Me Time” trip, I’m willing to bet you’ll be ready to start scheduling the next one! 

Are you ready to start planning your next (or first!) Me Time Trip? I’d love to help!  Visit to get in touch, and let’s chat about making your Me Time trip a reality!

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