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"I Do" says who?

Updated: Mar 15

bride and groom pouring sand into one vase
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You have the fiance, the wedding location and the date! But who's going to help you say "I Do" and make sure that the marriage is legally documented with your state? If you are having your ceremony in a church there will be a Minister to help but if you aren't in a church you will most likely need to find someone to help you!

I reached out to Janelle Duah, owner of Cleveland Wedding Officiants (CWO) and asked her a few questions about her Wedding Officiating Business!

CK: How long have you been officiating?

CWO: A little over 4 years

CK: Do you create the ceremony with a couple from scratch? How does that process go?

CWO: It truly depends on the couple. Some couples like a traditional, short, and sweet ceremony and some literally want a a full sermon. It's always my goal to make sure that a ceremony is a true representation of the couples desire for the tone of the wedding. Whether they want theatrical sonnet, inter-faith scriptures, or comedic undertones. I've created a questionnaire that allows me to gather information as to what they want to be represented as a couple and go from there.

CK: How do you feel about the unity ceremony? Jumping the broom? Memorial reflections (candles, flowers, etc.)?

CWO: I enjoy them and have done them all, from hand fasting to broom jumps, sand mixing, and vow commitments to step-children. I feel moments like these help to capture the spirit and essence a couple wants to create for their big day. CK: What does pre-marital counseling look like for a couple? I see many couples dread it or skip it all together.

CWO: While I have found that counseling can certainly prove to be beneficial emotionally for a couple by the time most couples are seeking an officiant they have committed to getting married and are occupied with that process and have little to no time to commit to what can be a time consuming and demanding process.

CK: Do you require pre-marital counseling? Do you provide the service?

CWO: No. Nor do I offer it. I do provide a list of licensed counselors that are accepting couples if requested.

bride and groom posing with officiator at wedding

CK: Do you have more than one officiate in your company?

CWO: I am the primary officiant, however I do have a group of stellar officiants that I work with and am able to match couples with based on their specific request and needs. IE. If someone wants a male, someone of a particular ethnic background, etc. CK: What happens if you are unable to perform the ceremony?

CWO: While I've never had that issue (fingers crossed), However I do have a network of Officiants in the area that I can refer to if necessary. CK: What does it cost for officiating services? What should a couple expect for it to include?

CWO: Prices are determined based upon location and length of ceremony, and any additional services provided. Personalizations, etc. Please feel free to email for a quote. Looking for a reliable wedding officiant who knows the game? Contact Janelle Duah at Cleveland Wedding Officiants!

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