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How to Coordinate Your Bridal Jewelry with Your Wedding Makeup

The perfect wedding look is typically not a happy accident; in reality, it entails

meticulous planning. It’s the result of a series of good decisions. As much as one

would like the wedding look to be perfect serendipitously, while it may happen in a

few rare cases, it typically does not work that way. You have better chances of

getting the look right by making intentional decisions about the dress, jewelry, and

makeup. Here are some tips for elevating your wedding look with the perfect

coordination of bridal jewelry and wedding makeup:

Choosing the Right Jewelry for the Dress

Start by picking your dress first, then choose your jewelry. Your dress should align

with the theme and formality of your wedding. When you’ve decided on your dress,

selecting jewelry will become easier. Heirloom jewelry is the only exception to this

rule. In case you’ve inherited some stunning jewelry that you intend to wear on your

wedding day, you’ll do well by selecting the dress according to the jewelry. The

bottom line is that the dress and jewelry should go well with each other. If your dress

is elaborate, opt for simple jewelry, and vice versa. Balance is key here.

Matching Jewelry with Makeup

Now that you’ve finalized the dress and jewelry, you can make decisions regarding

your wedding makeup. Consider the metal and colors in your jewelry while deciding

on the makeup tones. Cool-toned makeup hues complement metals like silver while

warmer makeup goes better with gold jewelry. Glamorous and bold makeup goes

well with unconventional statement jewelry while classic and timeless makeup is

ideal with traditional jewelry.

If you have facial piercings and wish to feature them prominently in your wedding

look, makeup can help you do that. For instance, a touch of highlighter can enhance

the laid-back aesthetic of your septum nose ring.

When you’re trying to coordinate your makeup with jewelry, don’t forget about your

hair accessories and veil, if using. Strike a balance between your jewelry and

makeup. Neither should overshadow the other. Rather, they should complement

each other, have a synergistic effect, and add a radiant glow to your bridal look.

When choosing both, your wedding jewelry and makeup, it’s also important to take

into consideration the undertones of your skin. Pick jewelry and a makeup style that

will transcend trends so that the look in your photos remains sophisticated and does

not look dated over time.

Trial and Error

Whether you’re hiring a professional makeup artist or you intend to DIY your

wedding makeup, conduct complete makeup trials before the wedding day. Test how

well your dress, jewelry, and makeup go together. It’s better to give it some time than

face disappointment on the wedding day and find that the overall look does not

match your vision. A trial session is also likely to help you get ready faster on your

wedding day since it allows you to fine-tune your desired look in advance.

Experimenting with makeup choices will allow you to identify the most flattering

options. Take a few photographs at the trial session to view and reconsider at your


Wrapping Up

These tips are meant to make the process of choosing your wedding makeup look

easier. However, if you know that a certain look that goes against these tips brings

out the best of your features, you do what appeals to you. It’s your wedding day and

you understand your facial features best.

Your bridal look is an expression of your unique style, and it should authentically

reflect your personality. It is, however, a good idea to consult professional makeup

artists and combine your preferences with their expertise. Ensure that your overall

bridal look is harmonious and balanced. Opt for a look that makes you feel

comfortable and confident, and it will reflect in your wedding pictures.

Photo Credits:

Elina Volkova on Pexels

Alex Kinkate on Pexels



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