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Glam Basics!

Updated: Mar 20

Is anyone else trying to figure out and maintain a skin care regime? That sounds fancy, let me try it again. How are you washing your face? Soap and water, or some stuff you found in your medicine cabinet, or do you just use water? Before COVID-19 I was pretty dilgent about getting regular facials - it made such a difference in the way my face looks and feels!

I also recommend that my clients find a skin care regimen if they don't have one before their event so they can LOOK and FEEL their very best!

Have you met Shonte? She's the owner of Haute Pink Glam Inc. (isn't that a fun name)!

woman in makeup posing for camera

Shonte is a Licensed Esthetician and I asked her to give me her thoughts on helping folks get into a skin care regimen. See what she has to say below.

Will the skin care professionals recover from Covid-19?

I believe that the industry will come back strong after Covid-19. The services we provide as professionals aren't just cosmetic. We help people to feel better about themselves, which contributes to their confidence and self-care.

Where do I start?

For my soap and water ladies, this is your time to shine! There's a whole new world of amazing, awesome, wonderful skin care out there just waiting to give you healthy, glowing skin. The best way to transition from body soap used on the face to an actual regimen is to start low and slow--a 3-step cleanse, tone, & moisturize routine to begin. From there, product elevation via spot and specialty treatments along with a lot of education and hand holding!

What's the best way to determine if a beauty pro is for you?

A good beauty pro is going to be one who is a good listener. She will work with your budget, as well as hear your goals. She will be honest with you about what is and isn't plausible.She will be warm and welcoming all while addressing your needs and concerns.

What happens if I try it and I don't like the services provided?

If you do not like a service or treatment, for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to communicate that with your beauty pro. From there we can come up with a game plan to rectify the issue. Most professionals have policies and procedures in place regarding services and refunds, but some sort of compromise to resolve the issue should not be a problem. 

Can I try before I buy?

A full consultation is your best bet. Again, communicating openly and honestly about your beauty goals and being sure that you and your beauty pro are on the same page.

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When should a Bride start a new regimen? For brides-to-be, your skin care regimen should start 9-12 months prior to your big day. That includes, managing stress--which is one of the leading causes of breakouts, consulting with your dermatologist if needed and visiting your esthetician for regular facials and skin treatments. Refrain from trying new treatments or products too close to your wedding. 

What would you caution people on?

Please avoid going overboard with products. Piling on a bunch of new products can irritate the skin. Give things about 4-6 weeks to work before switching to something else and observe the way products affect your skin.

Want to hear more from Shonte? Follow her IG page!



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