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Did someone say DESSERT?

Updated: Mar 13

bottle of Moscato with dessert

The best part of a meal is dessert. Who doesn’t look forward after a meal to the sweet taste of a decadent dessert?  One of the most skyrocketed wines in the United States since 2010 is Moscato.

Moscato is a sweet, medium - low acidity wine produced in Italy from Muscat grapes, one of the oldest grapes in the world. Moscato can be purchased still or sparkling with a sweet distinctive taste, with a variety tasting notes of peach, apricot, orange, and floral notes of rose petals and elderflower.

Moscato comes in many varieties: White, Pink, Red and Sparkling whatever you choose it is best enjoyed chilled. Chilling Moscato softens the sweetness of the wine of all the fruit and floral flavors. The beauty of this wine is that you can pair with numerous different foods: a sweet breakfast with pancakes or waffles, fruit cobblers or pies, crème Brule or vanilla ice cream.

In the picture above, we paired Petalo Il Vino Dell Amore Moscato with a delicious fruit tart. This Italian wine harmonizes well with fresh fruit with it is high floral rose petal and peach tasting notes. It is a great wine for celebrations and special events.

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