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Covesa in the City

Updated: Mar 13

St. Clair in downtown Cleveland

From the beautiful entrance that is cleverly off the main entrance of the Marriott hotel at the Key Center in Downtown Cleveland I was greeted with a friendly, complimentary valet service! There was an attendant waiting at the door to show me in and point me in the right direction. Things like that seem so small, but they truly make a BIG impact!

I was so super excited to be invited to a private event showcasing the newly renovated ballroom formerly known as The Club at Key. We started the evening with a cocktail hour in the BEAUTIFULLY renovated restaurant II Venetian, located on the first floor of the Marriott hotel. sn: the Chicken Parmigiana currently on their lunch menu is INCREDIBLE!

II Venetian restaurant

After I received my chilled Prosecco from the silver platter upon entering the glass doors. I helped myself to a beautiful cheese board and passed flatbread pizzas! The group was then invited upstairs to the newly renovated St. Clair Ballroom and it was breathtaking! I honestly forgot to snap a picture of the gorgeous view from the ballroom with the gold chandeliers, but Google had a nice picture. The difference between the picture below and my view was that the sun was down and the night sky with the lights from downtown were beautiful! I couldn't help but think of the amazing strides the city of Cleveland has made over a relatively short period of time.

St. Clair Ballroom

The liquor sponsor displayed a beautiful ice bar with a luge to chill their signature vodka and cognac drinks. I was impressed that they were walking about serving Hennessy Privilege all night.

ice statue at St. Clair ballroom

The food was displays were fantastic! My favorite dish was a beef and noodle, but the beef was short ribs of beef, AMAZING! They displayed an array of foods for everyone to indulge and see what the kitchen had to offer!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better the waitresses came out with single servings of pistachio ice cream with fresh pistachios! What a great time I had at the St. Clair Ballroom! I look forward to working with them on future events for our clients!

pistachio ice cream



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