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Budget that Wedding

Updated: Mar 13

By: Covesa Kelly

Hey there,

It's about that time of the year where couples are preparing to enter their wedding year, it's

an exciting time. What's not so exciting for many of these couples is the looming price tag hanging over their head for their upcoming nuptials! I'm including my downloadable budget worksheet and tips to consider as you move into your wedding year!

I hope that the budget worksheet will allow you assistance in coming up with the costs associated with your wedding. Use the worksheet to write in the figures that you have received from your favorite wedding vendors. Once you have the services that you need added to the worksheet, go through and add all of the figures up and see where you stand. Once you have the grand total see if the figure is something practical for you and your fiancé to pay for. If not, determine what's the most important and work toward the cost that works for you.

The percentages listed by each category are there as a guide to indicate the approximate

percentage of your overall budget that each particular service/item should cost. Do you have questions? Drop them in the comments below!



How much does your wedding cost: breakdown sheet


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