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Updated: Mar 13

bride and bridesmaids holding flowers and smiling
Bouquets by Stems Fleur

Brides will probably purchase more flowers for their wedding than any other occasion in their life, even for the Bride who isn’t really into flowers. I always remind the Bride that the bouquet should be the star of the show! It’s the piece that will be photographed the most and most likely the largest accessory that the Bride will carry down the aisle.

Things to think about when selecting the bouquet for you:

Fresh or Artificial?

Close-up of brides dress and flowers
Bouquet by The Red Twig

Fresh, round and tight

I love fresh flowers, the scent always makes me smile, but some people like the artificial option to be able to create a flower in a color that may not exist, or to carry a flower that may not be in season during their wedding. 

Tip: Artificial doesn’t always mean cheaper! There are some amazing silk, rubber and foam flowers that you would never know weren’t real if the florist didn’t tell you!

close-up of a bouquet

Medium Bouquet, Ballroom Gown

Look at the bride’s body frame and dress. You don’t want a tiny bride carrying an over-sized bouquet and vice versa. A loose, cascading bouquet of orchids might be great for a tall bride with a loose, flowing gown, but would probably look excessive on a petite bride wearing a straight length gown.

Remember the weight of the bouquet too! The bride will be carrying the bouquet for most of the day you don’t want too much weight that the bouquet becomes too heavy.

bride in dress holding pink bouquet


Round and Tight

Loose and open


Arm Spray to fit inside the curve of the arm

Small, Rounded Tight

Tip: Leaves/greenery can help break up the cost of flowers, and increase the side of a bouquet


On average a hand tied, rounded bouquet made of fresh flowers, medium sized is running our brides $150 - $200. Honestly, a bride will look at me a little cross eyed at the figure, but when I put the bouquet in their hands on Wedding Day, they are so happy that they made the investment. 

bride sitting on ground in walkway holding flowers
Bouquet by Stems Fleur

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