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"Baby-Que" Themed Baby Shower

Updated: Mar 20

We all know that warmer weather = cookout season, and if you're planning a baby shower this summer why not combine the two and host a Baby-Que? What we love about this concept is that it is not reserved for just the ladies! Throwing a Baby-Que is the perfect way to get the men involved whether they're on the grill or playing various recreational games!

Since you're essentially having a cookout this is a beginner friendly baby shower theme to plan. Cookouts are typically very laid back and casual and your baby shower can easily follow this notion. Your venue can be a spacious backyard, or even a park. Pro Tip: We recommend renting a tent or choosing a location with plenty of trees for shade. This will ensure guests are more comfortable in the summer heat.

In the mood board we created below we chose red gingham accents to evoke a classy cookout ambiance. If you're going the route of decorating your outdoors space, gingham prints can effectively stick to the theme and elevate your space. Pink or blue gingham throughout the event could even be utilized to reflect the baby's gender.

Backyard Baby-que mood board

As far as affordability, this baby shower theme can be very inexpensive. If you don't plan on spending a lot of money on food you could always provide the main dish and ask guests to bring their favorite side or dessert! Instead of awkward baby shower games, you could play various card games such as Spades or Uno.

So how do you feel about this theme? Comment below your thoughts or any other themes you would like to learn more about!

If you're looking for more unique baby shower themes and inspiration follow us on Pinterest to see our boards! We will also be featuring more themes in our upcoming weekly blogs!

Ready to turn your Pinterest ideas into a reality? Get in touch with us! We would love to hear more about your celebration. Please inquire here or email us directly at

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