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"Baby in Bloom" Themed Baby Shower

Updated: Mar 13

There's a misconception that themed baby showers are often corny and cheesy. Instead of the classic "It's a Girl/Boy" theme, some people choose to break tradition and go a more unconventional route. However, without meticulous planning and the ability to actually stick to one theme these showers end up being tacky.

Out of all the baby shower themes we've came across, "Baby in Bloom" is one that we believe to be one of the classiest and aesthetically pleasing (we love flowers tho...). This theme focuses on any and everything floral, from the décor even to the food! The vision board we created below showcases how flowers can be easily incorporated throughout the baby shower.

Baby in bloom mood board

We credit this theme with being fairly easy to plan and execute due to how obtainable it is to get flowers and utilize them. Floral walls are already typically seen at special events such as baby showers and they would make the ultimate photo backdrop! Well designed floral arrangements as the centerpieces would set the tone for the celebration. When it comes to food, sprinkling mini edible flowers over the meal selection not only elevates the theme but also serves as a conversational piece.

Flower display

Instead of trying to figure out a cliché favor that most guests won't even utilize, consider having a Flower Bar! A flower bar is a fairly new concept where guests will be able to make their own bouquets to take home. This is the perfect touch to wrap up your festivities and it also allows guests to get involved and create their own unique favor!

If you're looking for more unique baby shower themes and inspiration follow us on Pinterest to see our boards! We will also be featuring more themes in our upcoming weekly blogs!

Ready to turn your Pinterest ideas into a reality? Get in touch with us! We would love to hear more about your celebration. Please inquire here or email us directly at

***All images used above are for inspirational purposes solely, this is not our own work***

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