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Artist Spotlight: Saxy Rob

"Saxy” Rob Thompson is a renown saxophonist and entertainer – working both as a solo artist and with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Rob is more than a saxophonist, he is an exceptional entertainer whose ultimate goal is to have a blast playing music, creating intimate musical moments with a focus on audience interaction, providing a guaranteed entertaining experience! This 2022 season Rob is booked and busy but we're delighted he took the time to allow us to interview him amidst his schedule. Check out our one on one interview below:

CKE: What inspired you to have to have a career in music?

Saxy Rob: Most of the decisions made in my life have been done so in the best interest of my children and my choice of pursuing music is no different. I was working a lot of hours in a job that made me miss too many events in their lives, so when that job ended instead of remaining in the same field of work the choice was made to switch to music, which created much more schedule flexibility.

CKE: What is the Saxy Rob experience?

Rob: The Saxy Rob Experience is a live interactive party where family, friends and guests can be engaged with a live showman entertainer to create long lasting lifetime moments.

CKE: What style of music do you play?

Rob: Over the years I have adapted the ability to play by ear which allows me to play most styles of music so there’s very little that can not be played.

CKE: What events can clients book you for?

Rob: We are available to be booked for weddings, our most booked event and our most booked package is where I come in a solo capacity to provide music for cocktail hour then join with a dj for dinner and dancing throughout the reception. Also available are corporate events, backyard bbqs, birthday parties, anniversaries basically any event where the client is looking to have a memorable party.

CKE: Outside of events, how can someone listen to your work?

Rob: Our works of music can be found on many online sites but the most popular ones are ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Here’s also a great way to connect with us

CKE: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Rob: July 28th is our Christmas in July concert that will commemorate 10 years in the business of live music full time. It will take place at the Canton Cultural center of the arts on their veranda. Show times will be posted on our Facebook page!

Let Saxy Rob bring life and soul into any event and create musical energy that will last a lifetime! You can connect with Saxy Rob using the links below:



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