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Are Wedding Programs Necessary ?

When you're planning your wedding, it's easy to get caught up in all the detailsBut as you plan out your big day, there's one important thing to consider: do you want a program? Weddings have been changing for years now and getting married has become more about what works for you more so what's traditional or expected. There are plenty of reasons why having a program at your ceremony could be great, but there are also reasons why it might not make sense for you.


  • Wedding programs are a great way to keep guests informed! This is especially helpful if your guests are unfamiliar with the proceedings.

  • Programs are the perfect way to shoutout VIP's. Highlighting your parents and bridal party is the perfect way for them to feel honored and appreciated.

  • Your programs can be used as a keepsake for guests. This is especially true if your program has an intricate design!

  • Wedding programs can also be multifunctional! If your wedding is outdoors or in a confined space consider having program fans! Guests will appreciate having the option to remain cool while also being in the know of wedding day activities.



  • The cost of having to order or print programs for each guest can add up quickly! Skipping the program allows you to allocate your funds elsewhere!

  • Programs are short lived! Unlike save the dates or invitations, most people aren't going to keep your program(or store it on their fridge). The average guest is only going to look over it before your ceremony and then not have another use for it.

  • Realistically, your wedding programs will end up trashed due to guests misplacing them or simply not wanting them after the ceremony. Odds are your 100+ pieces of paper won't even be recycled properly which is an environmental concern.

If you want to keep the tradition of having a wedding program but want a modern approach, consider using a QR code! Unless your ceremony is unplugged, most guests will have their phone with them and all they would have to do is scan a QR code that will redirect them to your unique wedding program! We've seen this trend grow in popularity recently and this both a modern and affordable alternative.


There's a lot of debate about whether wedding programs are a good idea or not. Some people say that they're essential for guests, others say that they're not worth the cost. Comment your thoughts below on the topic!

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