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A Quick Guide to Wine Pairings for Your Beach Wedding Seafood Menu Helping you plan the reception to your big day

Updated: Apr 11

Beach weddings are one of the greatest ways to encapsulate the best of summer into your

big day. Once you have settled on a theme, your outfit, venue, and guest list will be sure to


However, one of the most standout memories of your wedding day will be the menu that you

ultimately decide on. Keeping in theme with the beach wedding, you can decide on having a

range of seafood options for your guests interspersed into your menu and snacks for the

guests during the reception.

Combining theme with your menu

Having a beach wedding means that you want to have something along the same lines with

your reception menu. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if you are having the

wedding at the destination location, or if you’re bringing the beach to your local venue. You

can create an authentic experience by including some select seafood options. Consider if

you’re having a buffet or sit-down three-course dinner, and if you want to have some

seafood-related snacks throughout the reception and ceremony

Menu options and the wines that go with them

The options of seafood that you can include in your menu. There are summer seafood

salads or a shrimp cocktail for your starters. For the main course, you can serve sushi,

steamed lobster, seared fish, and seafood soup. These are all great options to add to your

dining experience. Fresh oysters are also an option, as well as seafood paella.

The wines that you choose can be of a personal preference, but if you want to consult a

sommelier for an option that will be better suited to each dish. Full-bodied white wines like

chardonnay will suit buttery seafood options, while something lighter like Sauvignon Blanc is

better for lighter seafood.

In addition to seafood options, you need to think about your wine selections for the toast-

sparkling wines, or during mingling. You can also decide to have an open or cash bar for

guests who would like something a little stronger. You also need to make provisions for

those who don’t have any liquor at all.

How to bring your venue to the menu

You need to check in with the venue before you fully commit to your menu. Check in with

them about their alcohol regulations, and if they will be able to cater to your culinary

decisions. If they aren’t able to, you can check in regarding their vendor policies and if you

can incorporate them into your plans.

Vendor and catering choices

If you’re having a destination wedding, you can see vendors that are available closer to

where you’re planning on having your wedding. Alternatively, you can have your vendor

come in to provide your meal options, but you need to consider the logistics of them coming

out to your vendor - especially if you’re having seafood in hot temperatures.

Chat with them at length about their rules and guidelines for preparing this type of meal, and

how many guests they are comfortable catering for, etc.

Bottom line

A beach-themed wedding is the best way to encapsulate a summer wedding. This can be

taken a step further by adding a bit of the beach theme to your menu. There are many

seafood options that you can include in your menu to achieve the height of your theme.

Photo Credit:

Arshad Pooloo/ Unsplash

Daniel Lee/ Unsplash


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