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A Guide to Taking Care of Your Mental Wellbeing Before and During Your Wedding:

Updated: Mar 13

The guide covers:

bride and groom from behind holding hands
Picture by Ryan Harris

Common wedding stressors

How to handle wedding stresses

Tips to look after your mental wellbeing

Here are some of the stats the guide explores:

  • 72% of couples say that wedding planning is “very” or “extremely” stressful.

  • The challenges of the pandemic - remote working, isolation, and other life changes - affected a lot of people’s mental health. In 34% of engaged and newlywed couples, at least one partner was dealing with mental health problems in the wake of the pandemic.

  • But on a hopeful note, 82% managed to find support from their partner. The importance of this is backed up by multiple studies, which show that verbalizing your feelings creates relief, boosts bonding, and reduces stress.



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