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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

By: Dr. Darby

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential (VP) candidate. Now there were several rumors that he would pick a woman of color, and to be honest, my first pick was Stacey Abrams. Ms. Abrams impressed me when she ran for governor of Georgia back in 2018. She is very knowledgeable, poised, and a great role model for all people to emulate and, most importantly, Black women and girls. Now don’t get me wrong, Ms. Harris has many many accolades and also appears to be a great role model. I have some reservations, though, and we will get to those momentarily.

The idea of a role model is one that I heard about often as a child. Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, it was a different time than the present day. Now there were notable Black women, and I knew a few, and most were musical artists. As I mentioned previously, going to Catholic schools, they didn’t teach us much about Black history, and my family didn’t show me a lot either. I’m assuming they thought I’d learn it in school. I did not! Heck, there were hardly even commercials that had Black folk in them and some television shows that

depicted Black people. Thursday nights were terrific! Between the Cosby Show, A Different World, Family Matters, and a few other shows, I was able to see my people, but that too was limited. Looking back, it was like they stuffed our shows to one night, and that was all we got. Almost like we better “be lucky,” we had something. Now I don’t get into a lot of politics, and I don’t argue with people about politics either. I think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I’m not convinced that people will vote for a Black woman VP. I genuinely believe that some White folk may think that a White woman should be first in such a high position, and because of that, they won’t vote for the ticket. I hope that I’m wrong; we shall see. Now Ms. Harris has been mentioned to have done some questionable things. Gottschalk (2019) stated that Ms. Harris resisted key efforts to moderate California’s

three-strikes law and as Attorney General, she appealed a federal judge’s ruling that the state’s enforcement of the death penalty was unconstitutional. Now that fact that she loves pink and green while I love crimson and cream is a strike right there, lol. I only joke in D9 love because at the end of the day; she’s a Black woman. Ms. Harris is a Black woman who was

chosen to be a White man’s VP in a presidential election; that right there is history in itself. For me, I’m rooting for everyone Black! Listen, although I may not agree with all of her choices, one thing is for sure, Biden and Harris will do better than the current administration; in their sleep! Vote people!!

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