Covesa K. Gragg


"Be the Difference" 




Event Assistant

"Whatever it is... No Problem!"

What they call you: Kimberly Martrise Wells, also known as “K.Martrise”

Describe Covesa Kelly Events, LLC: I believe that CKE is comprised of event planners that are capable of planning an event beyond your dreams.


Fave color to work with: I am a planner at heart and love every aspect of event planning, especially if there's a flexible budget. My favorite color to work with is orange because of all of the fun options you can combine it with for fabulous outcomes. You can go from orange and turquoise in the summertime to orange, shades of red, and brown in the fall. Orange is a versatile color that can be used all year round.


Yummiest event menu food item: A few favorite food items are simple chicken, pasta, and salad dishes. With the right combined spices you can make that meal soooo delish.


Go-to adult beverage and recipe: Where do I start? Oh, just one. Okay…

Peach Lemon Drop Recipe:

  • 2 ounces frozen Peach vodka

  • 1/2 ounce triple sec

  • 1 ounce simple syrup

  • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice

  • Garnish: sugar rim


Favorite cake and filling: Not really a sweets gal but a great buttercream is good for me.


Why you love being on the CKE Team: I can't get enough of CKE! We are more than a team or even sisterfrans, we are a family. I was the first to be hired, so it’s a love and I'm very protective of the family.




Event Planner

"I love to entertain and be entertained!"

Dominique Carter - my dad picked the name Dominique after the character Dominique Deveraux from the soap opera, "Dynasty" played by the great Diahann Carroll

Tell Us About You: Classy. Bourgeois. Not Ratchet. Sucker for love and romance. Love to entertain and be entertained.  Beyhive 

Describe Covesa Kelly Events, LLC: 

We are a wedding and event planning company that specializes in creating memories.

Fave color to work with: Black


Yummiest event menu food item: You can catch me at any Shrimp & Grit Bar.

Go-to adult beverage: Pina Colada


Favorite cake and filling: Covesa's German Chocolate


Why you love being on the CKE Team: I enjoy the creating fabulous memories that leave everlasting memories.




Event Planner

"When one door closes another one will open - sometimes it's God's way of pushing us from our comfort zone to another level in life. "

What they call you: Kristen Renee Simpson 


Tell Us About You: 

My first name is from a character’s name on the 1970s/80s tv show Dallas. My mom was awaiting my arrival and heard the name and loved it, so she decided to name me Kristen. Just that simple lol. However, my middle name, Renee, is more meaningful to me because I share the same middle name with my mom. It has actually become the middle name of baby girls for 3 generations in my family. Hopefully, one day I will be able to continue the tradition.


Describe Covesa Kelly Events, LLC: 

CKE is love, compassion, diligence, professionalism, encouraging, and fun - all wrapped up into one amazing group of women! We will go above and beyond to see you smile!


Fave color to work with: Soft yellow and cream with gold and greenery accents


Yummiest event menu food item: Anything made with potatoes! Or shrimp or beef! And some warm bread!


Go-to adult beverage and recipe: Henny Colada

Cream of coconut, pineapple juice, white rum (preferably coconut flavored), Myers’ rum, and ice - shaken not frozen ) 

Add in some White Hennessy...if I need a little extra relaxation creating the Ultimate Henny Colada!


Favorite cake and filling: Just a really good and simple yellow cake with white buttercream frosting (hold the filing, please)


Why you love being on the CKE Team:

I LOVE these ladies! We are truly a family. We have evolved together professionally and personally and support one another in so many ways. It’s not just a “job”, it is a journey that we are navigating together. I appreciate our connection and our communication. We are able to laugh and have fun with each other and have some very real and honest conversations. This translates into better communication professionally that ultimately results in us executing phenomenal events together as a team! 




Event Planner

"Hoping for the best? Prepare for the best!!


What they call you: Tiara Gregg


Describe Covesa Kelly Events, LLC: 

CKE is a team of amazing women who are honored to assist in making your dreams come true!!

Fave color to work with: My favorite color to design an event with is teal!


Yummiest event menu food item:

My favorite food to see at a wedding reception is a raw veggies spread including spinach dip 

Go-to adult beverage: I don’t have a favorite “adult beverage”

Favorite cake and filling: My favorite cake is simple... chocolate with buttercream. No filling. 

Why you love being on the CKE Team:

I LOVE working with the CKE team!! Everyone has their part, and I think we play them well! It’s inspiring to be able to work with a team of women with absolutely NO DRAMA... ever! 




Office Administrator

What they call you: Kayla Marie Williams 


Tell us About You: I’m a wife, a mom of 2 and a full-time student. 


Describe Covesa Kelly Events, LLC: 

Covesa Kelly Events LLC is a phenomenal team that will go above and beyond to make sure your event is everything you imagined and more!

Fave colors to work with: 

Black and white (it’s just so beautiful and elegant)!


Yummiest event menu food item: I love to see a bomb fruit and veggie display.


Go-to adult beverage: I’m a mimosa type of girl... Verdi please!!!!


Favorite cake and filling: I absolutely love strawberry cassata... it’s my all-time fave.

Why you love being on the CKE Team:

I’m new to the team and am labeled as “the new girl” lol. But I love being a part of such an amazing group of women who all share the same passion for event planning. Being a part of the CKE team is great. We all work together to make sure every event is successful from start to finish.

PR & TV Media

PR/TV MEDIA: Please use this email for inquiries regarding TV appearances, blog, magazine or media interviews or speaking engagements. communications@covesakellyevents.com


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