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After "I Do"

Updated: Mar 13

Bride and groom at front of aisle during ceremony

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to your partner and hopefully the most exciting adventure of your life! However, it can often be difficult and take time to adjust to. As newlyweds, it's important to keep in mind that no relationship will be perfect all of the time, and what works for one couple might not work in your relationship.

The first year of marriage is one of growth, both as a couple and individually. The challenges that you face will be harder than anything you’ve ever faced before, but they are also the best opportunities to strengthen your relationship with each other and grow together. You have to realize that every second of the day isn't going to be lovey dovey, but there still should be an effort to make your significant other feel loved and appreciated.

One of the best ways to make your spouse feel loved is to understand their love language(s). You might feel like you're doing a good job being there for your significant other but if you're not loving them the way they want/need to be loved, your efforts might not be well received or appreciated. Everyone interprets and receives love differently, so what makes you feel loved might not necessarily be the same for your partner. If your spouse's love language is "Acts of Service" actions speak louder than words to them, versus someone whose love language is "Words of Affirmation" were unsolicited compliments will be better received.

We often hear the phrase "Communication is key", and that's because it is truly one of the most important things you can do after saying "I do". You should be able to tell/ask your partner anything—without fear that he or she will judge or criticize what you have to say. Constant communication will also makes sure you and your spouse stay on the same page financially, physically and emotionally—it gives you a chance to share your dreams and goals and make plans together as one unit instead of two separate people living apart under one roof. Open and honest communication is easier said than done, but is absolutely necessary for long-term success as well as overall happiness within marriage itself!

We wish you the best in your journey of marriage and we hope you enjoyed reading our blog! If you have any questions or topics you would like us to expand on leave a comment below.

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