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Elaina+ Shawn



+ our love story



My name is Shawn Donald Czerwinski, born and raised in Erie, PA. I am a pediatric hospitalist from Erie, PA. I enjoy hunting, fishing, tennis, traveling, and just about anything outdoors.  I have three college degrees. I graduated with my Associates in Business Administration from Edinboro University in 2013. I then continued my studies at Gannon University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2017. After passing my registered nurse boards I worked in the neonatal intensive care unit as an RN for the next four years.

I graduated with my Master of Science in Nursing as a family nurse practitioner in 2020, two months after Elaina and I started going out. For the next 6 months, I was studying for my nurse practitioner boards. Elaina stood by my side and supported me 100%. I may have spent much of my time with her studying but as a successful medical professional herself, she understood the sacrifice that we must go through to achieve our goals. Dating someone who lived in another state was a little new to me but I learned that when you find the right person everything will work out one way or another. I honestly feel the distance has made our relationship stronger due to the effort we have to put in to see each other.  I am extremely blessed to have found Elaina. Elaina is amazing and irreplaceable!

the proposal


I said YES!


I am Elaina Cabrere Williams, born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. I've always had a seemingly unquenchable thirst for learning and challenging myself intellectually. While education was a priority, it was strategically balanced with extracurriculars such as basketball and nerdy things like marching band, speech and debate,etc.  Also, though I am quite introverted, I've also always valued spending time with my devoted family and amazing friends. My fascination with math, science, and reading started at an early age at which time I declared I would become a doctor at the age of 3 (or so I've been told...I don't remember those days well).  After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences from Bowling Green State University, I furthered my education at Ohio University - Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.  I then completed my internship in Southern California before returning to Ohio to complete my residency in Cleveland.

I am now a practicing family medicine physician in Ashtabula, Ohio. As if practicing full-time was not enough of a challenge, I returned to school for a Master in Business Administration graduating (again) from Baldwin Wallace (BW) University in May 2020. Shawn and I met just a few months after my graduation from BW and my life has been changed for the better.  I now have someone with whom to explore the intricacies of life, create new goals, and share my love of learning.

There's more to me than my mountain of educational debt. I've developed a love of cultures and travel over the years.  I am fortunate to have friends and family across the country and I now have my travel companion for life! Shawn and I have a list of domestic and international travel destinations to visit in the near and extended future.  Cooking and baking are a couple of my favorite pastimes which works out well for Shawn because he loves to eat!  I also love to remain active.  While basketball was my first introduction into routine exercise, biking, hiking, lifting and leisurely strolls make me happy.  (Those who know me well are aware of my obsession with my Peloton. I'd love to talk to you about it anytime, anywhere. Do you have a Peloton? We can be friends! I feel Shawn will learn to love it too).

Most of all, each day I am thankful.  I was presented with a man who values relationships, education, growth, health, and love. 


Shawn is very transparent.  I am very perceptive. So, I knew when and how it was all going to go down. We had an anniversary trip planned for Niagara Falls.  Travel was limited thanks to COVID. I imagined we'd get dressed up:  me in a nice dress, him in tailored pants and a shirt.  We'd go out for a nice dinner then take a stroll to the nearby falls.  He'd drop to one knee, and nervously stumble through a speech he'd prepared about how amazing, beautiful, intelligent, etc. I am, and ask me to marry him with tears of love streaming down his cheeks.

It DID NOT happen that way. 

What actually happened: The week prior to our Niagara Falls trip we both were off that weekend so we planned a last minute hiking trip to Letchwork State Park. Lodging was limited so we stayed in the one B&B available last minute. He drove. Normally, he'd be wearing gym shorts especially if we'd be riding for a while. He was wearing cargo shorts. I thought it was odd but didn't mention it. We get to the B&B and no one was there. No clerk at the desk, no other tenants. Just an old, creepy, dusty B&B with cobwebs and porcelain dolls. We find our key on the desk and make our way to our room to get settled. Moments later, we were startled by a knock on the door. It was just the clerk coming to introduce herself and collect payment for the room. It was after 7 pm and we needed to find dinner.  I look at my phone for options. No Service. I reach into Shawn's pockets in an attempt to find his phone to see if he has service. I check his right upper pocket, then his left upper pocket before he becomes irritated and asks what I'm looking for.  He then aggressively hands me the phone and continues to pay for the room (little did I know the ring had been hiding in the lower pocket of his cargo shorts since we started traveling).

We find our way to the restaurant and sit down. Shawn is quiet and can't decide what he wants to eat (Shawn is seldom quiet and always wants to eat everything). We order and as the waitress is preparing to leave the table Shawn asks her to take a picture of us.  I asked if he'd prefer waiting until the end of dinner but he insisted on taking the picture then. We stand up. I take a step toward him for the picture, he backs up and bends down and takes out a ring (meanwhile the waitress is confused because she had no idea what was going on and Shawn had given her his phone on video mode and she didn't realize). My initial response, "Oh, we're doing this now?!" I subsequently said "yes, of course" and we had a great hiking weekend in the creepy, possibly haunted B&B.



 I planned on proposing on our anniversary but I felt that I gave too many clues away. Her ring was ready and she wanted to go on a spontaneous weekend trip at letchworth state park. I didn't know when or how I was going to propose but I just knew I would do it on that trip. We stayed at a "haunted" bed and breakfast because everything else was sold out. We were checking in and she started to go through my pockets. I had the ring in my left lower pocket of my shorts. As she made her way to my upper left pocket I said "what can I help you find?" She said "I was looking for your cell phone because I don't have service. I quickly knew that I had to propose that evening but I was hoping to not have to propose in the "haunted bed and breakfast." Most of the restaurants closed early and it was pretty late when we got there so we found a golf course that was still open. I was a little hesitant about choosing this place as well or even eating there in general due to the confederate flags across the street. Luckily the restaurant was nice and we felt safe there. During dinner I knew I was going to ask the waitress to take a pic of us and do it then. Elaina kept on asking me what I was going to order and how I felt about different dishes. I honestly could care less about what I was going to eat but I didn't want to give away too much to her. I tried to multi task with getting my phone ready, tell her what I was thinking for dinner, and keep and eye on when the waitress might be coming over. To this day I can't remember what I ate that evening. I didn't have a chance to talk to the waitress ahead of time so I was hoping she would just pick up on what I was trying to do and go along with it. In the end it all worked out and she said yes. 



+ invitations

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Metropolitan at the 9 

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Please know that your presence at our wedding is present enough! However, for friends and family who have been asking for gift ideas, we’ve created an online registry with the following listed here:

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How would you describe your fiancé in one word?

"Benevolent” – Elaina
Irreplaceable– Shawn 

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Elaina + Shawn 



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