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Thank you for visiting our website! Here you will find all details
relating to our wedding celebration.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

We are excited to share our Love Story with everyone through this website.

Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

With Love,
Ronnell & Lauren
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Our Story
This is always a funny story to tell. For two avid Cleveland sports fans it's almost fate that the Cleveland Browns brought them together. On October 14, 2019 both Ronnell and Lauren were downtown at the Muni Lot tailgating for a Cleveland Browns game. Ronnell was walking by and came across his friend Ian who was attending Lauren's tailgate. Lauren saw Ian talking to a man, who she thought was attractive, and so she made her way over to them and introduced herself. They shook hands and when it was time to release hands, Ronnell wouldn't let go. They looked at each other and smiled. Hours later, Lauren was walking friends through the Muni Lot and came back across Ronnell. They engaged in a casual conversation for about 5 minutes and then Lauren kept on going...a little bummed that Ronnell didn't ask for her phone number. As tailgating was winding down, Lauren gave Ronnell another chance to make a move. They chatted one last time and still nothing. Since Lauren is a pretty persistent individual she decided to friend Ronnell on FB. Ronnell accepted the friend request and the rest is history!  
The Proposal
Lauren Said YES!
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Father's Day 2021 was another normal day for Lauren. After coming home from Father's Day dinner, Ronnell walked in the house playing their favorite song "This Is Why I Love You" by Major. Lauren didn't think anything of it because Ronnell is a music head and is always playing some song. The kids started to act weird and giggly but once again Lauren thought nothing of it because it was late and time for them to head to bed. Lauren was in the kitchen when Ronnell grabbed her hand and said a bunch of sweet things. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything that was said, and neither does he, because once Lauren realized what was happening everything became a blur. Ronnell got down on one knee and proposed as the kids watched from the second floor. What made the proposal even sweeter is that he purposely proposed on Father's Day to incorporate her dad!
Love Story