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Virtual Learning

By: Dr.Darby

My friends and I, with children, have struggled with virtual learning. My children started last week, and it was rough. Now what I can say is that their school put more effort into teaching this year. Both boys have a schedule, and their teachers are live teaching. They both can participate and learn while seeing their friends on screen as well. In the parent-teacher conferences that occurred before school started, my husband and I asked questions about the inclusion of multicultural aspects. We were reassured that there would be the inclusion of student reflective activities beyond the White normative. There are some aspects of virtual learning that I want to review this week. I am going to charge you to challenge your children’s teachers as well. Screen time. Those of us working from home have been on our screens a lot since March. For me, my work as a therapist has increased. Screen fatigue is a real thing. If for me, as an adult, it’s exhausting,

I know for children, it may be even worse. Often younger learners and those with special needs may require breaks throughout learning time. If you feel like your child is not receiving enough breaks throughout the day, make sure to inquire with the teacher and advocate for what is appropriate. Multicultural aspects. When selecting textbooks and all readings for a course, the instructor should thoroughly review the resources and determine if the material is inclusive or potentially

My sons attend a primarily White school,with 99% of the faculty being White. My bias would have directed my thoughts that the teacher would have only included songs that the White students can identify. It was great to hear songs that my son and some of his friends could dance to, songs that they knew. As parents, it is our role to advocate for our children. Now the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t new for most Black people; others are starting to listen. The content of a course can impact how students view themselves as it relates to the world. Feeling including is a massive part of self-esteem. Looking around and not seeing people who look like you sends a very damaging message. Our students feeling accepted early on will go a long way!

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