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Let's Finish the Look!

Updated: Mar 15

We are still finishing the look yall!! Remember the post below from last week? We are still working on finishing the look.

Kissed by BO is doing our 1st ever style Challenge. Its all about finishing the look!! Check out the new video below!

Are you  that person who will have on a super casual coat/ jacket aka puffy coat with a dressy fit.

Or do you wear your teddy coat, Northface or sherpa with ERR- THING?? SMH LOL.

If this sounds something like you I am Challenging you to FINISH THE LOOK GURL!!!

Rules to this Challenge is:

-Post a picture of you in a coat or jacket that enhances/ finishes the look.

- Use the #kbbfinishthelook 

- You'll win a item from @kissedbyboboutique

Winner is chosen mid December!!

Okay now if I catch you slippin ima talk about you!!!(to myself)

Finish the look!! 

If you have questions on how to do so check out @kbbstylelounge

For the latest lookbook inspo.

Also on my YouTube channel I went threw my entire coat collection. With examples on how to wear each with which.

Check out my latest YouTube video Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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