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I can drink wine and be healthy too?!?!

Updated: Mar 20

A couple of weeks ago, there was an article that was circling around in the wine community

about the benefits of drinking wine from . The article was really eye opening. I’m sure by now, we have all heard about wine being good for you but who really knew that wine, especially red wine had so many health benefits? Red wine contains powerful antioxidants that have shown to promote overall heart health and inflammation. Below are some additional health benefits of wine:

  1. Improve Brain Health

  2. Support Heart Health

  3. Protect against Lung Cancer

  4. Protect against Prostate Cancer

  5. Prevents colds

  6. Lower cholesterol

  7. Promotes better sleep

We are not saying that you should drink a whole bottle of red wine everyday. Remember that

moderation is key. You should limit yourself to 1-2 4oz. glasses of red wine a night. The full article can be found here.

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