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Happy Wedding Year

Updated: Mar 15

bride glancing back at groom while holding hands
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Congratulations to the couples getting married in 2019! Let me tell you, the year will fly by and before you know it you will find yourself on Wedding Day watching all of your plans come to life! If you have forgone using a planner you will see that planning a wedding that's timeless vs. trendy, engaging vs. boring and memorable vs. a copy can be tough! Vogue Magazine asked some experts in the wedding and event industry what are some trend mistakes to avoid for 2019. I have picked out the ones that I most agree with and added a few of my own to help those of you currently navigating the wedding planning process! 

Do you have some wedding trends that you wish would go away? Please list them in the comments below! 

Monochromatic Bridesmaid Dresses 

“Monochromatic bridesmaids’ attire is no longer the requirement. Instead, stick with a complementary palette, and let members of your bridal party wear different patterns, styles, hues, and designers that express their individual points of view.” -Rosemary Hattenbach

10+ Bridal Parties 

In the case of large bridal parties, less is truly best! Adding every relative, friend and favorite co-worker to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen has gotten out of control. Large bridal parties are extensive on the budget and the wedding day timeline. Pick the people who will truly help you every step of the way and extend an invitation to the rest as guests! - Covesa Gragg

Coral Color Palettes

“Pantone may have named ‘Living Coral’ their color of the year, but please don’t name it the color of your wedding! The pinky peach hue will quickly feel outdated and make your bridesmaids look like they stepped off the set of a John Hughes movie.” -Bronson van Wyck

Silk Runners on Tables

“This is just beyond overdone. The whole soft and pretty look is on its way out.” -Alison Laesser-Keck and Bryan Keck

Never-Ending Skits

“Right now, it’s popular to have bridal parties prepare skits and short shows to perform during dinner. But I think it is a big mistake to have overly long, or unprofessional, components such as this. If this is a trend you really want at your wedding, ask your wedding planner or family members to get involved in the prep work to ensure that any such act is tasteful, executed properly, and of an appropriate length.” -Alejandra Poupel

Open Seating

“Open seating is starting to become a trend and frankly I don’t think it works. You spend all year designing a beautiful tabletop and then guests go wild when they can sit wherever they want. I’ve seen people pull up chairs to add seats to tables and move place settings around. Avoid this all together and stick with place cards. I know it’s a lot of work to make a seating chart, but you’ll be glad you did it in the end.”-Mindy Weiss 

Overdoing Dinner Choice

“Do not provide a “choice of” at dinner. It significantly slows down the flow of any event, and adds to the budget. As long as you have a “silent vegetarian” option on hand, you should be all set.” -Jung Lee

Bouquet Tosses

“It’s 2019. Your single girlfriends in search of a significant other are swiping through their phones rather than crossing their fingers to catch a bunch of blooms.” -Bronson van Wyck

Retrieving the Garter 

The over the top retrieving the garter shenanigans can also go. It often times becomes an uncomfortable, distasteful bedroom display that is uncomfortable for immediate family and friends to watch.  - Covesa Gragg

Wedding Favors

“Take a pass on wedding favors. They’re an unnecessary expense that is often left behind. And after all, who wants another tchotchke to stuff into their junk drawer? If it's really about showing thanks, offer something that can be enjoyed in the moment to express your gratitude.” -Rosemary Hattenbach

Want to read the Vogue article? Click Here


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