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DeWine said WHAT?!

Updated: Mar 13

bride and bridesmaids posing for photo

What's a Bride to do right now? We have all had it with Covid-19 and the impact that it's having on every aspect of our life! I think everyone is feeling like "Please let it just go!"

Last week the Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine made some provisions to our Event Ban and I had something to say. I'm listing below the changes I thought were most important for weddings and celebrations and what those changes mean for your event. I'm also including a clip from me on the news last week that my buddy Jaquie Sopko at the Balloon Crew, Inc sent over to me!

What the rules mean for your event!


First dance - fine! But dancing for the crowd is strictly prohibited at this time. DJ is fine, dancing is not.


Congregating is not allowed: not at the bar, not at cocktail tables, not in the lobby.

Guests are required to stay seated at their 72 inch round tables which are permitted to seat up to 10 people.

The tables need to be 6 feet apart from the next guest table. For larger guest lists this may max out the space that your venue has available.


For now Buffet Service is nixed! Plated Service is the plan and individual servings for appetizers and desserts. This also includes the current elimination of dessert buffets, popcorn bars, donut bars etc.

Those are my Big 3 for now and I'm completely looking for these rules to change as the climate around the Covid-19 virus changes. I don't think the event ban lift has the consideration of weddings and celebrations in mind. Want to hear more about that? Watch my clip on the news below!

I'm an event planner! I want events back, but THIS AIN'T IT!

Please wait! If we have all of these restrictions, maybe, JUST MAYBE we should not be

having large gatherings YET!


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