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Cierra + Stephen

Beautiful hand drawn pink roses transpar





+ our love story


Stephen Jabbar Bickerstaff was raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio by his mother Doreen Bickerstaff. Throughout his childhood he enjoyed playing football and hanging with his cousins. He set out for Akron University in 2006 after high school graduation and spent three years studying Construction Engineering before beginning his 10 year career at Lincoln Electric. During his tenure at Lincoln Electric he earned multiple advancing certificates and professional leadership roles. In the summer of 2011 Stephen tapped into entrepreneurship and launched a successful landscaping business that he leisurely maintains. He is a huge Cleveland Browns fan and enjoys any outdoor activity. He also enjoys being a father to his son, Stephen Jr.


Cierra Imani Cavor was born and raised in Maple Heights, Ohio. She is a sports girl whose first love was basketball. She is an only child and was raised by her mother Dr. Renee Willis and had a very happy childhood. She traveled, played all sports and was a debutant in her senior year of high school. She set off for Atlanta, GA in 2008 after high school graduation to attend Clark Atlanta University. After graduating, she went on to earn a master’s degree and other professional certificates while pursuing her career in Criminal Justice. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and loves servicing her community. She is a lover of love and always seeking things and persons that make her happy.


Cierra and Stephen have known each other since high school. Stephen cyber stalked Cierra and won her over years later. She knew he was "the one" during a moment on May 17, 2020. She sat on the porch staring at him while he did yard work. She remembers the exact date because of the various pictures she took of him as she sat in awe saying to herself "I'm going to marry him." Stephen & Cierra enjoy doing outdoor activities together such as bike rides, climbing Stone Mountain and finding/walking on trails. They also like to binge watching new Netflix series.

the proposal

I said YES!


Cierra is extremely nosy! She found out that I purchased a ring for her. So over time, I listened to various conversations and collected hints that she dropped for me on how she wanted her proposal to be. I knew she would be surprised if I did it at the Christmas photoshoot and it was important for me to capture the moment.


We were taking Christmas pictures. Stephen arranged a session at a studio with a photographer. I stressed all week to find us coordinating outfits. That morning, I went to get my makeup done, curled my hair and began to get dressed. He was acting really weird. Jittery. He jumped up saying “I need to go get a car wash” – it was 8am. He was just being really weird. LOL. We began to drive to the photoshoot, and we were being super “mushy”. He wanted to kiss at every red light. Held my hand the entire drive (about 40 mins). We went inside and had a nice family shoot – Stephen Sr., Stephen Jr., and me. After about 30 minutes of taking pictures, I noticed the photographer kept checking his watch. Stephen kept checking the door. IT WAS WEIRD! I thought the shoot was over, so I began gathering our bags when I heard someone open the door. I turned and there’s a man there with a saxophone. I announce “come on guys, the next person is here to have their photo  taken, we have to go”. The man just began playing the saxophone! I thought this is REALLY WEIRD. I turned to the photographer and he just snaps my picture. Now I’m thinking “OH ALL OF YALL ARE WEIRD”, so I snap my head to Stephen. He’s standing there with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face with a pull-up in his hand walking towards me. I burst into laughter – I’m not sure if I was laughing at his smile or the pull-up. At this point I realize what’s going on and the rest was history. I SAID YES!

Love Story