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Thank you for visiting our website! Here you will find all details relating to our wedding celebration.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

We are excited to share our Love Story with everyone through this website. It was also highlighted on Fox 8 Cleveland! Check it out HERE. 


Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

With Love,
Britt + Malia  


I am a man of my word. Being taught early on that actions speak louder than words I always try to follow through. I am very optimistic in every situation and easy going (most of the time). I feel as though I am reliable, intelligent and most of all hardworking. I am a family man and will go above and beyond to make sure all needs and wants are met.


Hey Everyone I’m Malia! I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio but recently relocated to the Peach State where Britt and I have started to settle into our home together! I graduated from Eastern Michigan University and recently Graduated from The University Of Akron with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I currently work for a nonprofit in the metro Atlanta area as an Education Programs Coordinator overseeing our AmeriCorps members who are serving in schools as SEL coaches and tutors. When I’m not working I love exploring the city with my Fiancee-Bestie and traveling to new and exciting places. Our (aka my) favorite tv station is definitely HGTV and of course any football game we can watch! 


Where did we meet one might ask… ATLANTA, that's where. It was New Year 2021! Thanks to Malia's really good friend Kainon! We exchanged numbers and she actually initiated the text because I wasn't going to hit her up first. The way Atlanta is set up I knew for a fact she would probably forget me in a day's time. But, to my surprise, the story didn’t go that way. She simply said Hey, and that's all I needed. We would begin an unending conversation that would leave us wanting to dig deeper into the abyss of each other's intellect. She was different. In all ways that I could ever imagine, her poise, her grace, her compassion, her attention to detail. I knew I had found a rarity. As time persisted I grew more fond of her and was ready to once again revisit that first meet, as we were in a long distance conversation. So when it was time, I asked her to give me her availability and I would come see her in Cleveland, Ohio. We had finally decided on a weekend. Unbeknownst to me this would be the turn of something even greater. Even my arrival is a story to be shared but that'll come later on. But basically since we spoke hello to one another, I myself never wanted to say goodbye.


Our first kiss was in the kitchen cooking our first meal together (Spicy Chicken Alfredo, that was wayyy too hot lol) Britt and I were having a conversation about who knows what and he ended up coming in the kitchen to be closer to me (as always lol in the way lol) ad he told me to look at him. He proceeded to say "I'm really happy I’m here with you right now and I hope this connection we have never goes away”, he proceeded to lean in and in that special moment, we had our first kiss.

In our free time together, Malia and I love to visit different lounges, restaurants and we love a good all you can drink mimosa. We love to laugh and joke and be in one another's company. We love to have in depth conversations about how our lives were prior to connecting and also where we are currently. You can normally catch us living our best life laughing and being silly because we truly are each other's safe place.

We have experienced so many things along our journey together but there is one experience that solidify our connection. In March 2021, my uncle sadly passed away very unexpectedly. Given that he was such a staple in our family and the closest thing I had to my grandfather, I took his passing very hard. When my mom and aunt found out about his sudden passing they didn’t call me first, instead, they called Britt to let him know because they knew I would need him to help me through it. Not even two days later Britt was in the car on his way DRIVING in the middle of the night to be right by my side. He didn’t even think twice about being there because he knew how much his presence was needed. For me, it wasn’t even about me wanting him around it was his selflessness that made me realize that I had to have him around forever. The mere thought that he knew his presence alone could help ease the pain and knowing he dropped everything to do it made me realize he was serious about being there through it all. From that moment on any good, bad, scary, or even uncomfortable situation that I’ve gone through he has been right there faster than I can turn around and even look for him, and for that reason, I know Britt is and always will be THEE ONE for me!

the proposal

I said YES!


I'll start by saying it was nerve wrecking! Well I went to Pamela Hughes aka Mommy and asked her for her daughter's hand, in marriage. She assured me that she would be delighted to have me as her son-in-law aka Sonny. Then I made the decision to ask her grandmother aka ma-ma as well. I took it a step further to ask her if she still had the ring her grandfather proposed with 40+ years ago. She did! I waited 2 days after her Graduation. I took her to an Italian restaurant and waited until we were about to order dessert. I Facetimed her mom and grandmother to ask them what they wanted for dessert as I proceeded to get on one knee to ask her for her hand in marriage.  


Ok so here is the story…I’ll save the earlier part of the day’s details that led up to the moment for another time, but if you all ever wanna know please call because it really is the funniest story LOL!


Soo anywhoo it was a Tuesday night, Britt and I went to a romantic dinner for two at Luca Italian Restaurant. The view was an amazing scenic overview of downtown Cleveland. We talked a lot about the future and the next steps for us since graduation had just happened for me that past Sunday. We shared memories of the weekend but also our continuous gratitude for each other. It was as if I fell in love with him all over again right there at that table. After enjoying an amazing bottle of wine and eating a great meal filled with laughter and love my favorite part of the night came …DESSERT! (lol). The waiter came over with the dessert menu and as we were looking Britt told me my mom wanted us to bring her something home. He decided to FaceTime them to ask what they wanted, but little did I know I was definitely in for a treat! He propped the phone up and me being myself I didn’t even notice what was about to happen because I was so focused on my dessert choice! Britt pulled the menu out of my hand so that I had a clear view of him on one knee looking me straight in my now tear-filled eyes. Overwhelmed with emotion and tears, I missed some of what he said but the part I will never forget is when he said, “I know I may not be your grandfather or fill the place he has in your heart but please know and believe I will be my best every day to be the man he always wanted you to be with." He opened the ring box and said to me, "This ring is the ring your grandfather used to propose to your grandmother over 60 years ago, I promise to be the man you want, the man you need, and the man you deserve every day the same way he was for mama until the day he passed away…So with that, I only have one more question.. Malia Anne Hughes will you Marry Me?!"... and of course I said YES!!!

Love Story


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InterContinental Hotel Cleveland

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Please know that your presence at our wedding is present enough! However, for friends and family who have been asking for gift ideas, we’ve created an online registry with the following listed here:

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How would you describe your fiancé in one word?

“Refreshing!” – Malia
“Amazing!” – Britt

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