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Arielle + Aaron



+ our love story



I'm a Cleveland girl at heart. I work hard, I like to show out, and I'm happiest with good food in front of me. I love my family and friends with all I have. I'm so grateful to be in this space in my life. I'm with the person I love and in the career I've always dreamed about. And I am beyond excited to celebrate with all of you. 


I was born in Long Beach, California and moved to Cleveland with my Mom in 2003. I love geek stuff like TV, movies and video games. Do way too much thinking about popular music. Voice entirely too many opinions about team sports. My family is so supportive and always brings a light during hard times. I love my friends dearly and am indebted to "The Tree Kids" at Shaker Heights High School for allowing me to find my people early. Being off-beat is highly encouraged!

How we Met:

We met in the halls of the Taft dormitory at Case Western Reserve University. Aaron was the tall, funny, magnet of a person. Arielle was the girl with a megawatt smile and all the snacks. We started off as friends, building a relationship with each other over the years; through shared classes and shared friend group hijinks. Our senior year, we blossomed into something more. Ever since that first date over manicotti and pepperoni pizza at Mama Santa's in Little Italy our love has continued to grow. 

I said YES!

the proposal


Let's start off by saying, Aaron is the undefeated queen of surprises! For her proposal, I really wanted to do something that would make her feel as special as her surprises have made me feel. I started with the pretense of Valentine's Day. I set up hair and nail appointments for us to do together. We had dinner reservations at an undisclosed location, a restaurant she had been talking about recently. We had an amazing meal. Then the staff gave us a "tour" of the restaurant which ended in a private room that had flower petals in the shape of a heart and the words "Marry Me?" in the middle. As I got on one knee, her face said it all. And I'm happy to say she said yes!


My mission was to launch the most surprising proposal possible without Arielle discovering. After stumbling upon the Bridgerton Experience online, I hatched a scheme. Enlisting help from her mother and my Mom, I managed to get her into position at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles. I had to have her covertly select her own dress. Hire a filming crew, and get some of our friends on board for a "fake birthday outing." Once inside I had to pay for a moderately pricey filming permit. But, getting to give her that moment in the garden under the trellises made it all worth it as an audible gasp enveloped the courtyard.

Aaron's story...

“Again, follow your dreams, because unqualified idiots are paid to do things they shouldn't be doing every day, why not you.” One of my favorite writers said that back in 2016 and I’ve never forgotten it. What I’m about to share is for anyone who cares to listen. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve been informed that I have to say something here. Clarification is good! Because usually, understanding comes afterward.


If you’re reading this you probably care a lot about either me or Arielle. Possibly both! So, that’s great. As a couple we care deeply about the people in our lives. You guys give us advice when we need it, a smile when we’re feeling down, and the inspiration to get up off the mat and meet another day head-first. But, there’s probably something you don’t know about me. I’m transgender.


Now, before you get outraged about something so big being dumped in a format like this. Let me explain. I’ve been transgender for years. Seeing a doctor for years. Talking to other medical professionals for longer. A number of years ago, I was going through depression and anxiety about the future. I learned about gender dysphoria and began to explore that for myself. After a long time consulting with medical professionals, we confirmed that for me this was the diagnosis.


I began the process so long ago, but, I was afraid to tell many people. Because, it would change the way you all would perceive me. Arielle gave me the push I needed to make some necessary changes in our lives and we’ve probably never been happier.


In fact, Ari wanted me to make sure to tell all of you about myself before we got any further on our wedding journey. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the word processor, I figured out it would be good for me to be forthright with everyone too. It can be hard to juggle multiple facets of yourself. (Living in front of a camera might multiply it!)


Getting personal and letting people close is kind of hard for me to be honest. One thing I’ve learned, between school and working, is that people rarely want to be made uncomfortable. So, because I know that my very presence would probably make some of you all uncomfortable, it was easier just to allow time to pass. However, my fiancé has taught me that you have to take up space and not apologize for it. (We’re still, very much, working on the “no apologizing thing”) So, this is me.


On behalf of us both, I’d like to ask for your understanding and willingness to listen. It might be a bit confusing for some of you. “Why now? Why this choice?” But, I truly feel more at ease within myself and moving through the world now. There were a lot of parts of myself I wasn’t okay with. We’re working on those and making an effort to be a better person every time my feet hit the floor for another day.


Our marriage is something that both of us are elated to celebrate and we want you to be excited about it. Hopefully, two Brides instead of one doesn’t change that. It could, but we have faith that you’ll all still show up to support us on the biggest days of our lives so far. (Yes, even bigger than Match Day for Arielle, Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals where the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead for Aaron.) It’s going to be an amazing ride for both of us and we just wanted to get that out an in the open. Ari has already told most of you on her side of things and my family is in the process of being informed.


Thank all of you for your support and we hope you’re ready to celebrate our love and move into the next chapter of our lives. This is going to be the most joyous gathering the banks of the Cuyahoga River has seen since July 22, 1796. 


As ever,


Aaron Perine (Bride 1 and Arielle has decided she’s Bride A!)

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Love Story